About us

We provide paediatric therapy services, specialising in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment sensory processing disorders (SPD).

We offer private sensory integration therapy using sensory-integration techniques rich in vestibular, proprioceptive, and tactile inputs areas where many children with neurological issues have deficits. The approach encourages children’s nervous systems to process and integrate sensory input in organised and meaningful ways. As their adaptive responses provide feedback, their nervous systems mature and organise at increasingly higher levels.
Ultimately, the children can interact with and adapt to their environment more successfully.

Sensory integration is one of the most modern and effective methods applied in the therapy of children and teenagers who display difficulties with various disorders such as:

  • SPD (sensory processing disorders)
  • Development Delays
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Fragile X syndrome
  • Down Syndrome
  • Genetic Disorders
  • Attention/Focus Differences/ADHD
  • Poor concentration
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Dyspraxia/motor planning deficits
  • Vestibular disorders
  • Balance Problems
  • Auditory Processing Disorders
  • Language Delays
  • Special educational difficulties
  • Emotional problems

Sensory Kids was founded to provide the most innovative and comprehensive treatment approaches to meet all of the needs of our clients. We are extremely passionate about our clients and our treatment approaches. We strive to provide our families with the utmost care and dedication.

Our mission is to provide individualised treatment in a safe and caring environment, in an effort to maximise each child’s fullest potential.

The following are some signs of sensory integration disorder (SID):

  • Over sensitivity to touch, movement, sights, or sounds
  • Under reactivity to touch, movement, sights, or sounds
  • Specific learning difficulties /delays in academic achievement
  • Difficulty in making transitions from one situation to another
  • Tendency to be easily distracted / Limited attention control
  • Activity level that is unusually high or unusually low
  • Social and/or emotional problems
  • Difficulty learning new movements
  • Delays in speech, language, or motor skills
  • Physical clumsiness or apparent carelessness
  • Impulsive, lacking in self-control
  • Inability to unwind or calm self
  • Poor self concept / body awareness

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your child may benefit from sensory integration therapy.

Our therapists

Aneta Profile 2
Aneta Schwieterman, MSc Ed, Founder and Clinical Director
Certified Sensory Integration Therapist, Certified Social Skills Trainer, Certified Listening Therapist, Special Needs Teacher
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Curtis Schwieterman, MSc OT, MSW
Occupational Therapist, Certified Sensory Integration Therapist, Certified Listening Therapist
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Edith Aka, BSc OT, MSc Global Health
Senior Occupational Therapist
Read about Edith
Jakub Balcer
Jakub Balcer, BSc
Certified Sensory Integration Therapist, Certified Social Skills Trainer
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Maria Egea
Maria Egea, BSc OT, MSc Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Occupational Therapy Assistant
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Rozi Mengüloğul, BSc Psychology Read about Rozi
Kornelia Wróbel
Sensory Integration Therapist
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Iwona Urbaniak
Office Assistant
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