Meet Aneta, the Clinical Director of Sensory Kids, a family business she founded in 2012 with a deep love for occupational therapy and her children (Jakub, Szymon, Beniamin, and Julia). Aneta started Sensory Kids with great passion and it has since become a renowned paediatric occupational therapy service centre in Ireland.

Aneta, her husband Curtis, and her son Jakub are Paediatric Occupational Therapists. Aneta is in the process of CORU registration in Ireland.

Originally from Poland, Aneta moved to Ireland with her children in 2006, and has dedicated over 25 years of her career to working in the paediatric setting. She earned a Master’s degree in Remedial Rehabilitation from Jagiellonian University in 2003, a degree in Special Needs Education in 2005, and a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University School of Physical Education (AWF) in Krakow in 2017.

Aneta’s education is backed by extensive experience, including placements with various institutions in Poland, the United States, and Ireland. During her study, Aneta completed placements with the University Hospital Department of Surgery in Krakow; Rehabilitation Health Research Centre in Krakow; Malta Centre for Aid to Disabled Children and their Families in Krakow; Pasternik Krakow Non-public Healthcare Centre; St. Rafaela Hospital in Krakow – Department of Neurological Rehabilitation; Unique Prints Paediatric Therapy Services/ Occupational Therapy Services in Denver, Colorado, United States.

Aneta is a certified practitioner in multiple therapy methods, including Sensory Integration Therapy (US), Social Skills Training, Tomatis Method Listening Therapy, Therapeutic Listening with Vital Links, and the MNRI Neuro Tactile Integration Masgutova Method. She is an INPP Licentiate Practitioner (The Institute for Neuro Physiological Psychology). She is also registered as a home tutor with the Department of Education in Ireland.

Aneta’s expertise extends to a wide range of conditions and disabilities, including Autism (ASD), Cerebral Palsy (CP), Developmental Delays, Down Syndrome (DS), physical disabilities, sensory processing difficulties (SPD), dyslexia, dyspraxia, and behaviour and social difficulties. She has experience working with infants, including premature children. She has worked in various settings, including the Psychological and Pedagogical Counselling Centre in Poland, Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland, early intervention, home health, and schools.

Passionate about helping kids and their families achieve independence and reach their goals, Aneta assessed over 6000 children and teenagers in Ireland. Aneta cooperates with hospitals, schools, creches, and individual clients. She specialises in sensory integration.

In her free time, Aneta loves spending time with her family, hiking, and running. She is an avid reader and music lover. She is deeply committed to continued learning in the areas of complex behaviour, neurobiology, trauma-sensitive practice, attachment, mental health, leadership, and learning.

Aneta has completed the following courses:

  • 2023 – Trained in administering ADOS-2 by Dept. of Psychiatry, Trinity College Dublin
  • 2022 – INPP Licentiate Practitioner (Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology)
  • 2022 – Social Skills Training (SST/TUS)
  • 2019 – Learning Without Tears (formerly Handwriting Without Tears),
  • 2018 – Traffic Jam in My Brain – Sensory processing approach to challenges associated with ASD, ADHD, learning, and behavioural differences
  • 2015 – Feeding Difficulties and Sensory Issues,
  • 2014 – Clinical Assessment of Sensory Integration Difficulties in Adolescents and Adults with Disabilities, presented by Dr. Teresa A. May-Benson,
  • 2013 – Astronaut Training, Presented by Mary Kawar,
  • 2012 – Sensory Defensiveness, A Comprehensive Treatment Approach – Wilbarger therapressure technique and oral tactile technique, presented by Patricia Wilbarger and Julia Wilbarger,
  • 2012 – The Out of Sync Child: How to understand sensory processing disorder, presented by Carol Kranowitz, author of The Out of Sync Child,
  • 2009 – Speech Therapy and Sensory Integration, organised by PSTIS, Warsaw,
  • 2004 – Autism Disorders and Pedagogical Therapy – Rehabilitation, Education, and Parenting Centre.