Emilia Lorenc, MA


Primary and Specialist Qualification


1999 – 2003 – Collegium Medicum of Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland

2003-2004- Molecular Biologist – The Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biotechnology of Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland

2007-2008 – Diet-Nutritional Advisor – Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland

Since 2003 Member of National Chamber of Laboratory Diagnosticians, Poland

Since 2012 Member of Clinical Academy of Medical Laboratory Science, Ireland

Since 2015 Member of Nutrition Therapists of Ireland

Since 2015 Member of The Nutrition Society Cambridge University


Clinical skills, techniques and experience


2004 – 2005 – Assistant at Independent Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Research, John Paul 2 Hospital , Cracow, Poland

2007 – 2010 – Clinical work at SIMILE Medical Group Practice, see references Medical Laboratory Scientist and Nutritional Advisor Position in Kraków, Poland

Clinical work in the team of General Practitioners, Gastroenterologist and other Consultants in the field of functional medicine (local hospital university laboratories and Genova Diagnostics and Microecology Institute – Polish branch of Institut für Mikroökologie – Herborn, Germany)

Since 2007 Public health lecturer on nutrition and diagnostics.

2007 – Biomedical Integrative Approach to Autism Conference, Warsaw, Poland

2007 Lecturer and organizer of seminar for biomedical/functional nutritional approach to Autism Spectrum Disorder at National Autism Society in Kraków.

24-27 May 2007 7th Congress of Family Medicine, Szczecin, Poland, Poster

Lorenc E., Lorenc M., General Practitioner Role in Early Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Associated Processes, Family Medicine Topics, 2007, Jun, Vol IX

Since 2008 particular interest in allergy, autoimmune diseases, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, nutrition of children, in pregnancy, sport, detoxification processes and supporting immunity

2008 – January/February – Medical Scientist and Nutritional Advisor Position at Arcana Integrative Medicine Institute, Warsaw, Director and Founder – Dr Magdalena Cubała-Kucharska

2008 September – Postgraduate Diploma of Diet/Nutritional Advisor Thesis: Coeliac Disease – Permanent Gluten Intolerance – the Disease of 21st Century

27-29 November 2008 – International Conference ‘Rain Man Is Among Us’ Contemporary Forms of Support for Autistic Persons. A Systems Approach. at Jagiellonian University Lorenc E., Lorenc M. Early Diagnosis of Coeliac Disease and its Nutritional Treatment as a Model of Approach in ASD – lecture presenter E. Lorenc

Since 2009 cooperation with Microecology Institute, Poznan, Poland

Providing/analyzing of wide range of functional diagnostics of biome for the Medical Group Practice according to German standard of biome testing.

2010 – Lecturing for medical doctors and dieticians at seminars of Polish Branch of Cambridge Diagnostics: Food Allergy Mediated by IGG Antibodies Associated with Chronic Diseases

October 2010+ Creator/Project Manager of Healthy Preschooler


March 2011+ Lorenc Medical Ltd, Ireland

Director, Nutritional Advisor/Coach and Medical Laboratory Scientist

Clinical work with General Practitioners, Gastroenterologist and other Consultants

Online webinars

July 2011+ Vice President Integrative Medicine Institute Foundation from 2011 mentoring and organizing 20 conferences in Poland on Nutrition for countrywide Nutrition Creche programme by the Zdrowyprzedszkolak.org Team.

Cooperation with managers of preschool services, town mayors, local educational centers for preschool and primary school education. Lecturer for parents, managers and teachers of preschool services and coordinator of the Zdrowyprzedszkolak.org Team for implementing the heathy solutions in over 100 preschool services in Poland. For last 5 years the Zdrowy Przeszkolak.org has reached at least 80,000 carers for children to deliver zdrowyprzedszkolak.org message of healthy eating.

Achieved goals: change and active creation of healthy habits of preschool children and their families; improvement of quality of self-prepared meals based on natural healthy products in preschools (I analyzed and corrected over 600 pre-school menus); regular cooking/meal preparing workshops for children/parents and staff; active children participations in cooking classes (introducing of vegetable or fruit based day); regarding psychological aspects of nutrition – no-force rule in encouraging to choose food/meal

2011+ Chief Editor of website and weekly e-zine Zdrowyprzedszkolak.org

Informational leaflets and other educational sheets about nutrition of children for parents and other carers and staff responsible for nutrition in pre-school services.

2011 Mentor of Pre-school gardening and Editor of cooking book for children with cooperation of Tychy Town Council, Poland

pdf link: http://www.umtychy.pl/www_5.1/plikia/male_ogrodki/male_ogrodki.pdf

18-20 April 2012 Conference Speaker at 7th Forum of Preschool Education, Krakow,

Lorenc, E., Lorenc M., Zdrowy Przedszkolak.org. Nutrition of children in harmony with nature in practice – health and economic benefits