Adrianna is a certified sensory integration therapist. She began her adventure with pedagogy and child psychology while still in high school, when she worked as a volunteer in an orphanage. There she decided that she would become a child therapist.

Adrianna graduated from the University of Lower Silesia with a Bachelors in Special Pedagogy with a specialisation in resocialisation of children and youth. She then earned a Masters Degree in Pedagogy with a specialisation in psychology and pedagogical assistance with honours.

During her studies, Adrianna completed internships in youth education centres and social therapy centres. Since graduating, Adrianna has been working with children in Poland and in Ireland.

Adrianna is passionate about neurobiology, neuropsychology, traumatology, and human development. She is also a freelance photographer with a focus on photographing nature, animals, and children. She is a mom of two lovely boys and in her free time she likes to read, workout, climb, and learn new skills.