Clinic Policies

1 June 2023

Thank you for choosing Sensory Kids for your child’s therapy. Our therapists are reserving a weekly time slot for your child’s therapy. Your adherence to our policies will help secure their time slot and ensure timely sessions, continuity of therapy and appropriate transitions out of therapy.

SENSORY KIDS is a small clinic that opened in 2012 and is located in a quiet business park in Long Mile Road, Dublin 12. We are located 3 km from Children’s Health Ireland in Crumlin, Dublin and 120m from Aldi shop on Long Mile Road.

  • When coming to the clinic, we ask that our families please be mindful of our neighbours by not allowing children to run, yell or play in any of the common areas of the business park. Additionally, if arriving before the start of your session, please either wait with your child in your car or wait quietly with your child in the Sensory Kids waiting area.
  • Your child’s therapist will come outside to get your child at the start of their session. Due to privacy concerns, it is important that parents and children do not attempt to come into the clinic before their therapist comes to get your child. Additionally, to ensure patient privacy, transitions from parent to therapist must occur in the waiting area outside of the clinic, especially if your child is entering a group session. For private, individual sessions, parents may be asked to come in with the child, particularly for preschool-aged children or for a child’s first visit.
  • After the initial session(s), parents are welcome to attend private, individual sessions; however, prearrangement is required to protect other patients’ privacy as we often have multiple sessions occurring in the clinic with different therapists at the same time.
  • Parents must arrive 3-5 minutes prior to the end of their child’s session to ensure timely transitions to the next patient(s). If a child is over 10 minutes late to be picked up, additional charges will be applied as per hourly rate. Children who are picked up late more than one time may lose their treatment time.
  • Sensory Kids has CCTV cameras operating in the clinical rooms, offices, and waiting area for the safety of the clients and staff.
  • Sensory Kids is not responsible for any personal belongings left behind in the waiting area.


The terms and conditions in this policy may change from time to time. Such changes will occur with 30 days written notice.


On-site parking is available. Please note the car park is private and is not controlled by Sensory Kids. Please read any of the signs in the car park to be sure your car is parked appropriately.


Parents are not required to stay at the clinic while their child is participating in therapy sessions or evaluations. We value parent participation in sessions, although they are not required. Please contact your therapist ahead of time (at least a week) to arrange a session WITH your child, due to the privacy of other families participating at Sensory Kids.


We understand that things happen in busy families, but if you do not avail of your child’s appointment, another child loses out on the appointment. Please cancel your child’s appointment if you cannot attend.

  • Cancellations Before 24 hours: No Charge. The cancelled session must be rescheduled; otherwise, it will be outdated after 60 days. You need to contact us to reschedule your cancellation.
  • Cancellations with Less than 24 Hours’ Notice: If you do not give us 24 hours notice that you will not be attending your scheduled appointment, you will be charged in full for the appointment. There are no exceptions to this. This is because, without adequate notice, your therapist is unable to use the time allocated to your appointment. This payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • No Show for Appointments Full Cost Therapy Appointment. This payment is nonrefundable and non-transferable.
  • Cancellation with Less than 24 Hours Notice of the initial meeting/consultation or failure to attend the initial meeting, assessment: full deposit charged.
  • Cancellations by therapists will result in a full refund or a rescheduled session as per the client’s request.
  • Two week notification is required for any non-illness absence. Notice of changes in schedule (sickness and/or vacation) must be in the form of an email, phone call, or text to Sensory Kids.
  • Sensory Kids can not guarantee the same place without prior notice or payment for the term.
  • If a child has 2 or more excused absences within a one-month period, your child may lose their scheduled appointment time.
  • Cancellation of future sessions will not result in refunds of payments made.


  • Booking Therapy Sessions – You should book 1 block of minimum 5 sessions
  • Due to the demand for appointments, we advise that, following assessment, if you wish to be guaranteed consecutive/weekly appointments, typically a block of 5 individual sessions, 1 weekly for 5 weeks in a row.
  • Payment for the upcoming block must be received on the last session of the current block.
  • We cannot guarantee a specific time slot to a client if they fail to book and pay for the next block up to 3 days from the last paid session, and will be automatically cancelled.
  • The calendar system will contact you by sms two days prior to the appointment requesting you to confirm your child’s attendance. Please respond to this sms “yes” or “no”.
  • All Invoices for therapy sessions are electronically delivered up to two weeks after payments are made for the services.


If you terminate therapy, for any reason, we require at least 2 weeks of sessions’ prior written notice in order for the therapist to transition the child out of therapy and complete closure.

We reserve the right to terminate our services to a client at any time for any reason. Unless circumstances require otherwise, if we terminate the services, we will provide at least 2 sessions’ prior notice.



  • Booking/deposit: We charge a deposit at the booking of the initial consultation or assessment.
  • All treatment sessions are paid in advance.
  • Due to the summer holiday and schedule shifts, we require a full one-session deposit to be made in June for the first week of September to ensure a regular scheduled time during the school year.
  • Sensory Kids accepts payments by cash, credit/debit card in the clinic or by phone, and transfer.
Initial Phone Consult with Therapist Free (up to 15 minutes)
1. Initial meeting/ 1 st Consultation in Clinic – available online or in person €120 (1 hr)
€50 deposit for the initial meeting charge is prepaid in order to reserve the day/time & is Non refundable
2. Visiting Home/consultation (additional €20 if outside 20k radius of the clinic) €150 (1 hr)
3. Occupational Therapy Assessment (at Sensory Kids Clinic) (this may include: 2x 60 min sessions with the child, information gathered from teachers, writing a report, recommendations and 30 minutes feedback) €550
Reports are received after full payment is made. €100 deposit for initial Evaluation charge is prepaid in order to reserve the day/time & is Non refundable
4. OT Evaluation Feedback Meeting (Optional) First 30 minutes is free, €40 for
additional 30 minutes
5. Modified Evaluation /Report-Writing €80 (60 minutes)
Average time: 1-2 hours
6. Weekly Therapy Treatment Session /Occupational Therapy Session/Sensory integration therapy €90 (45 minutes) / €95 (45 minutes on Sunday)
7. Progress Report €120 (60 minutes)
8. Assessment of Developmental Coordination Disorder/ DCD (dyspraxia) – includes speaking to parents and teachers on the phone and conducting an in-person physical assessment with the child, recommendations and feedback. When the assessment is completed, you will receive a detailed report with outcomes and recommendations within three/six weeks. €450 (includes both the assessment and the report)
It is necessary that an occupational therapy assessment be completed prior to or alongside this assessment.
9. Handwriting Assessment €400
10. Speech and Language Assessment with Report (at Sensory Kids Clinic) €550
This includes: 50 min meeting with the parent, 90/120 minutes tests with the child, writing a report. Reports are received after full payment is made.
€100 deposit for initial Evaluation charge is prepaid in order to reserve the day/time & is Non refundable
11. Housing Assessment/To support a Housing Adaptation Grant or Social Housing Application €450
It is necessary that an occupational therapy assessment be completed prior to or alongside this assessment.
12. The MNRI NeuroTactile Integration program – Masgutowa Method €80 (45 minutes)
13. Tomatis Method Listening Therapy €3500 assessment and renting equipment for home
€5000 assessment and sessions in the clinic
14. Vital Links Therapeutic Listening Program Assessment €350
15. The Wilbarger Protocol Training €80 (60 minutes)
16. Parent Consultation for Feedback/Review €100 (60 minutes)
17. Phone Consultation with other professionals €40 (15 – 30 mins)
18. Social Skills Training Individual €80/60 minutes
Group up to 4 people (60 minutes) €600 per 10-week course
19. Consultative Services – (recommendation, sensory diet for home or school) €120 (60 minutes)
20. If arriving late for pickup your child, parents will be charged €20 for the first 1-10 minutes they are late and €20 per 10-minute increments thereafter
21. Domiciliary Care Allowance (DCA) form completing €100


All Sensory Kids Clients are evaluated and follow the below process before treatment to determine rate/type of treatment.

A. Initial Consultation Meeting (recommended but optional): The therapist and parent(s) discuss concerns related to the child’s functioning. The therapist provides recommendations for an evaluation, treatment, and/or home strategies.
Cost: €100 (60 minutes)

B. Evaluation (required for treatment): Approximately up to 2 hours of testing using standardised and/or informal measures to assess the child’s strengths/weaknesses and determine the need for weekly therapy. This can be spread over one to two weekly visits.

C. Evaluation Report (required for treatment): Written description of administered tests, the child’s performance, and areas to target in treatment (if applicable). This report includes a treatment plan (when treatment is recommended) with baseline areas of functioning and 4-6 month goals.
Cost: €100 per hour (ranges between 2 to 4 hours as agreed upon with parents)

D. Evaluation Feedback Meeting (strongly recommended but optional): The therapist and parent(s) review the evaluation report and treatment recommendations.
Cost: First 30 minutes is free, €40 for additional 30 minutes

E. Progress Report (required for continued treatment at Sensory Kids OT): This report describes the child’s progress toward targeted goals, his/her current levels of functioning, and the new treatment plan (if continued treatment is recommended). Progress reports are provided every 4 to 6 months depending on the frequency of treatment sessions. If additional progress summaries are provided (e.g., via email) they will billed in increments of the hourly rate.
Cost: €120 per hour

F. Consultative Services (Depending on needs of client): The therapist provides recommendations and strategies for home and school settings to optimize the child’s functioning and address areas of concern. Classroom observations, consult with parents/school staff, and therapy collaboration with other specialists are also commonly provided.
Cost: €120 per hour

G. Treatment Sessions (Depending on the client’s needs): Individual, paired, and small group sessions are available. Co-treatment sessions (sensory integration therapy combined with occupational therapy) are also offered when appropriate. Treatment sessions are typically 45-minutes in duration (with the remaining 15 minutes of the hour being used for treatment note-writing and planning).
Cost: €90 per 45-minute session

H. Speech and Language Assessment
This includes: 50 min meeting with the parent, 90/120 minutes tests with the child, writing a report. Reports are received after full payment is made.
€100 deposit for initial Evaluation charge is prepaid in order to reserve the day/time & is Non refundable
Cost: €550