Regulations & Payments

(valid from 22 June 2022)

  1. Before starting SI therapy, it is important to assess the child.
  2. Therapists honour diagnoses from other sensory integration therapy centres as long as they are no older than 6 months.
  3. Parents/guardians receive the results of the diagnosis in writing. The report is issued in English.
  4. Parents/guardians undertake to provide the therapist with necessary information regarding the child’s health status, his psychomotor development, and the environmental situation.
  5. Parents/guardians stay outside the classroom during therapy, in justified cases they may be repent in the therapeutic sessions.
  6. Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety of the child awaiting therapy.
  7. Sportswear is required during classes. Children will take part in therapy barefoot or in socks.
  8. Each therapeutic session lasts 50 minutes. Conversation with parents about the child takes place before or after the therapy session.
  9. The effectiveness of therapy requires a minimum of 4 therapeutic activities per month.
  10. Most often, sensory integration therapy lasts from 6 to 16 months and therapeutic sessions take place 1-2 times per week.
  11. For the therapy to be most effective, certain conditions must be met:
    • The parents cooperate with the therapists,
    • They implement guidelines based on an individual therapeutic program
    • Therapeutic meetings with a child take place systematically,
  12. The parent/guardian is obliged to bring and receive the child at the agreed time.
  13. Being late for a session does not mean the session will end at a later time.
  14. Frequent and/or repeated absences of a child during therapy are the basis for discontinuation of therapy.
  15. The therapist has the right to refuse to conduct the therapy of a sick child because of the threat to their own health and the health of other patients.
  16. The therapist is not obliged to remind about the set date of therapy. The date and time have been previously agreed with the parent/guardian of the child.
  17. Sensory Kids opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 9:00 – 19:00

Payment Regulations:

  1. Sensory Kids allows three forms of payment for service: 
    • Transfer to the account 3 days before therapy (required for all new clients)
    • Payment by cash or card to therapist before therapy.
    • Payment over the phone
  2. Fees due to be paid to the following account
      • Bank of Ireland
      • Account Number: 96487430
      • Sort Code: 90-65-31
      • BIC: BOFIIE2D
      • IBAN: IE47BOFI90653196487430


  3. Payments for therapeutic sessions are to be made in advance for the calendar month in which the child will attend.
  4. The fee for the diagnosis, therapy, and consultation should be paid by bank transfer no later than 3 days before the scheduled date of the meeting with the name and surname of the child.
  5. Each subsequent payment for subsequent therapy sessions should be made on the last session at the end of each month.
  6. The timely payment is a guarantee of maintaining the therapy time.
  7. Failing to pay is the basis for refusal to accept the child for diagnosis, therapy, consultations, or other services.
  8. For children attending sensory integration therapy 2 times per week, a 10% discount will be applied when paying for 10 sessions or more in advance.
  9. When prepaying for sensory integration therapy for a 6 months period or more in advance 10% discount will be applied to the service fee
  10. For regular customers, there is a possibility of cash payment in Sensory Kids, after prior arrangement with the therapist.

Cancelling Sessions

  1. All absences must be notified at least 24 hours before the scheduled therapy
  2. The guardian has the right to cancel the session (without additional costs no later than 24 hours) before the agreed date of therapy (in person, by phone, via SMS, or email effectively where they receive confirmation). An alternative date and time should be agreed upon for the cancelled session.
  3. Failure to inform the therapist about the absence or notification of the absence less than 24 hours of the session results in a fee of €40 and the impossibility to make up for the service at another time.
  4. Services canceled by the therapist should be done at a convenient time. In the absence of such a date, the fee for the next month of therapy will be reduced by the unused amount.
  5. The parent/guardian is required to report the planned absence of the child (planned trip) and agree with Sensory Kids of possible shifts of sessions to another date.

Price List:

  1. Sensory Integration (SI) Assessment + written report  €320 (2 meetings)
  2. Sensory Diet / Written Home Programme with SI assessment €60
  3. Sensory Integration Therapy  €75 (50 minutes)
  4. Consultation €75 (60 minutes)
  5. Sensory Diet / Written Home Programme €120
  6. Therapeutic Listening Assessment Vital Links €310 (2 sessions)
  7. Handwriting Without Tears therapy €75 (50 minutes)
  8. Astronaut Training  €75 (50 minutes)
  9. Wilbarger Protocol €150 parent/guarding training (2 meetings) 
  10. Observations of child in school (written report) €150 depending on location
  11. Written School Program / Sensory Diet €60
  12. The issuing of certificates and letters €25
  13. Filling out documentation at the request of parents and other paper work €15 / 15 minutes

Please send any questions to the following email addresses:   

Sensory Kids reserves the right to change these regulations at any time.