Curtis Schwieterman, MSW

Certified Sensory Integration Therapist, Certified Listening Therapist, English Teacher

Professional experience

Curtis joined Sensory Kids in May 2015. Curtis works at Sensory Kids as a sensory integration therapist. Curtis completed Sensory Integration Therapy certification with the Sensory Integration Network in England. Curtis is certified by Sheila Frick and Vital Links to deliver the Therapeutic Listening® program. Curtis has experience working with children living with with Autism Spectrum, Developmental Delays, Down Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorders, and Learning Difficulties which has been further specialised since joining the team at Sensory Kids.  Curtis is helping develop programs to better assist families at Sensory Kids. Curtis is leading English language classes, and will be building and expanding Sensory Kids partnerships and collaborations.

Curtis received his Masters in Social Work from Temple University in Philadelphia, United States. Curtis counselled urban youth aged 6-14. He has worked directly with people experiencing homelessness, individuals and families living in poverty, and individuals living with HIV/AIDS. In Kramatorsk, Ukraine, Curtis taught English to pupils in grades 6 – 11 and organised English clubs for children, university students, and adults. He also developed city-wide and nation-wide programs to educate and train youth. Curtis taught cultural anthropology courses at Kansas State University in the United States. Curtis is currently studying at the University of Limerick in the masters of occupational therapy program. Curtis is also studying sensory integration therapy with the University of Southern California.