Rozi Mengüloğul has a strong foundation in psychology and a passion for understanding the human mind. She completed her undergraduate education at Üsküdar University, Department of Psychology with honours.

Her academic journey began at Üsküdar University and the Philosophy Art Psychoanalysis Association based in Turkey, where she became interested in Psychoanalysis and developed expertise in Early Childhood Development, Mental Disorders and the Unconscious Mind. Rozi’s volunteer work with various psychological organisations throughout her education is a testament to her commitment to education and community support.

Her practical experience is extensive, including positions at Noropsychiatry Istanbul Brain Hospital, Nisantasi Seyir Psychology and Istanbul Therapy and Dyslexia Centre. These experiences have given her valuable insight into the nuances of clinical practice, psychological assessments and mental health treatment, and have enabled her to gain a range of perspectives from learning disability to holistic wellbeing. Taking her expertise to Ireland, Rozi continued her journey, contributing to career development in the Early Years Specialism at Giraffe Childcare and Applied Behaviour Analysis at Hope Autism Centre.

Being registered with the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI), Rozi has a strong work ethic. Rozi’s passion for psychology is matched by her commitment to the well-being of individuals. Her extensive background, unwavering curiosity and genuine concern for others make her a dynamic and empathetic psychologist. In her spare time Rozi continues to explore her interests, living in Dublin and participating in a variety of activities that nurture her passion for growth and understanding.